Thursday, July 15, 2010

Well hellO Mama

Well there comes a time.... when everyone starts having babies (minus moi coz i really am not a grown up yet!! giggle) - So some of my bestest friends in Australia have asked me over the last year to make some Diaper Bags - a thoughtful yet practical gift.............and most of the receivers know or have heard of the lil seamstress known as Sparky that makes the gift a lil bit more special!!
I love making them because a)its a challenge......and b) i can get SUPA creative!!! So as i am not a mama myself - i'm not really too sure of what is needed a bag, but i figure well if its comfortable and has a million pockets of all different sizes............................well i'm on the right track!!!
So i'd like you to meet the first Mama bag in the shop :::

Upcycled steel grey Mama Jones diaper handbag

Brushed black upcycled denim and steely grey goodness of the retro variety!!!
I had to take so many photos coz there are just so many pockets!!!

Pocket for a bottle or a coffee cup!!!!

Pocket for a cell phone
(closes with a press stud, so your phone doesn't fall out!)

Pockets for keys and stuff
(the top one is a welted pocket which means there is only a slit type opening, you can things in easily - but your goodies don't come out!! - the bottom closes with a zip)

The inside even has pockets
(broken into 2 sections - one small, one larger)

And lastly - a big zippered pocket for some more stuff!!!!
Righto bye for now
little jj
ps - i'm being featured on a Mama Blog today.....................i'm totally excited!!!

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  1. I love the size of this bag. it's perfect. cute too.