Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Its just toO hot !!!

Ok we all wanted summer....and now we all wish it was a lil cooler......but honestly there was absolutely NO TRANSITION!!! Just straight into 37'c , bushfires and smokey skies!!! But anyways enough about the weather, and onto the good stuff.
Sewing ....heat......not really a productive combination......so i'm just having to change up my daily routine, so that my days are a little bit of fun.....instead of sewing in my underwear and adorned with numerous sweatbands and therefore not being able to answer the door for what the neighbours might see and therefore think!!! I'm back into getting up at ummmm 6am in the morning and just givin' er!! And the stack of much wanted medium sized hats is finally getting bigger!!!
So when i was taking a break from the real life sweatshop the other night...I called my mama to find out what the aussie gossip was and to cool down a little ::: So i'm chatting away when i hear someone walk in the back door, i turned too have a look who is was.................... I stopped mid sentence, and said ' Ma i have to go, my new beau is standing in the doorway with a drill in hand!!!' He had turned up unannounced to take down my winter windows which had really been adding to my sweatbox and lack of motivation.
You see my ex was definitely shades of my father, they both had a penchant for not just doing something half-assed....they like to build bombshelters!!! My winter windows were screwed in with not just 1 or 2 screws...and yes i probably could have done it myself.............but it just seemed to be something i could never muster up the motivation to even get started on - i think its called being overwhelmed.
So as i stood there with my mouth open(i think i could have actually caught the screws in mouth it just wouldn't close) in complete awe...............................in my head.......all i could think was 'This is just way toO HOt!!!!!!'

After he had taken them all down......i said 'oh thats great - now i can actually sew in the evening because it won't be so hot' He looked at me and smiled....and said 'well i think i'll put them straight back up then!!!!'
Here's a sample of my new Kepp Jones hat in 'Mint iced tea' available in the shoppe in medium and my new beau

Ok thats just one part of him, but they are much the same........scruffy, part dirtbag and totally cute!!

bye for now
little jj

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  1. Hi, your hats and purses are impeccable. What's the wolf there? Is it stuffed?