Monday, August 30, 2010

Whats the happs jj??

Ok so i've totally got writers block these days!!! All these really cool things happen, but then i go to sit down and write.....and nothing!!! I'm like oh thats a bit too boring for someone who doesn't really know me - or that could definitely come out the wrong way.....or usually i think...well who the hell reads this crap anyways...ok i'm giggling now!!!! I know of at least 2 peeps, actually thanks guys for bumping up my viewer hits!!!!!

But anyways, i have been quite busy in the sewing department!! I have 1 Farmers Market left and quite a few orders to get done by then - One loverly young lady ordered a couple of Jemima Jones clutches so that she can take them back to UK for her friends!!!! I'd like to be her friend i tells ya!!!
But i'm just about to post these babies in my etsy store, since i haven't posted anything there for while (all Sparky goodies have been going to the markets and the Propeller boutique, never seems to be enough left over for etsy!!)

This is my fav fav fav right now!!! A medium 'railway red' Kepp Jones
I'm totally debating whether to keep it for myself, its totally me and supa supa comfortable!!
a medium 'racer green' Kepp Jones hat....which has the coolest stripes on the other side, have a gander here

Just made 2 mediums and a large in this combo, as i had a huge response to this 'rally racer' Kinn Jones hat

i especially love the insided coz it has the most delightful organic cotton jersey in a sunflower seed colour

Each of the 3 hats has a different set of buttons, i made these covered buttons in a tactile seafoam fabric!!! You just wanna grab em don't you!!!

And on this weeks 'To Do' list some more of these kitschy 'lucious plum' Kinn Jones hats for an etsy order
Righto bye for now
Little jj

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