Friday, August 13, 2010

The first day !!!

Man today must be the first time in a long time, that i can just sew sew sew.....i'm usually busying in some lovely persons garden or serving a table of carefree vacationers wanting a yummy, spoil yourself dinner!! And i gots to say...........i'm having a complete blast and sewing up a storm!!!
Other than that my lover-ly best friend Amy, just did a wardrobe cleanse and donated these delicious Volcom jeans to be made into some Sparky goodness!!! They are supa thick quality denim so i'm supa excited to start choppin into them........but i'll just have to wait till next week to get into lil frenzy!!!! (must finish what i have started- a new concept i'm trying out!!!)
and i just wanted to say goodbye to the last 'lil miss sunshine' Busy Jones, who is off to a very very good home in Canberra, Australia. Thank you Miss C, you truly are the bestest and most supportive friend and you really deserve a lil sunshine in your days!!! Miss ya

Nearly finished some really cool 'cricket green' Kinn Jones that i can't wait to post!!!
Bye for now
little jj

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