Sunday, December 4, 2011

What an Experience!!

So i while back i went to the lovely Miss Kailey's baby shower.....and a Sparky Jones Mama diaper bag was amongst the mass of wonderful pressie she received!! All the Mamas in the house were.....i'm excited to say 'ecstatic'. In all honesty, i was totally not ready for all the response:: i was feeling completely trashed, my business brain..well i must have left it at the Sparky HQ's, and i had absolutely no business cards - i was just going to my friends baby shower right!!(lesson 1: always be prepared::giggle!) HOWEVER when i was departing...this totally out there Mama named Maria, hit me up at the front door and asked me if i would come to her house and join a Jewellery party that she was hosting. 'For sure..i'm in' i say...and then we had a bit of a giggle at the idea of Sparky Jones being a baby shower Crasher, to make a lotta sales!!

(miss K's bag was kinda like this one, which i'll be posting tomorrow!)So i go to this Jewellery/Sparky party, which happens to be amongst the mansions set into the hillside that overlook one of our beautiful lakes!!. The house was ummmmm amazing (martha has nothing on this broad!) in i walked with my red Sparky suitcases (filled with all my goodies) - and just standing there in complete awe at the high ceilings, glamourous everything and gold glimmering christmas decorations...So i say 'well Maria i've got my suitcases..hope you don't mind, i think i might stay for a while!I had the whole front room to myself, complete with cozy luxury sofas, big fluffy pillows, a fireplace, and vintage side i called it the 'Sparky ROom' - and Maria definitely has a flare about she quick as a flash set up my display which looked oh so fantabulous.
You know i didn't make many sales - did a bit of networking, alot of gossiping, a touch of eating, but most of all..i'm just so thankful that i got to have this experience - to met new peeps and do something.....that well just doesn't happen in your everyday life!!

Just working on my photography + designing the next Kepp Jones Hat
bye bye for now ::: lil jj


  1. OMGosh... LOVE that bag!!! I want one, not as a diaper bag, but just cause I want one. LOL

  2. maybe i should call them 'supa awesome everything bag':::giggle!!! This lil guy will be in the shop by tonight - YiPpy!!!