Sunday, July 8, 2012

new resident

Well we have a new lil friend living in our house.....he is small, ever so cute, moves like a ninja + parties in our abode when no one is looking.
We have named him Monty!!!
Monty the Mouse
Unfortunately for Monty he made me a lil upset - when he left a million lil poopsicles in my baking trays under the oven, so thats when i decided that i needed to take some action, that he simply couldn't stay any longer!!So i opened the draw under the oven to start cleaning up his mess + set a trap...and there he was just staring at me.....
i think we both let out an ..ekkkkkkkk!!!!
So i called for back up.....Indie our white fuzzy mutt was all to eager to help.
Indie managed to squeeze himself under the oven + scoop Monty up in his jaws
we all walked outside
Nervously waiting to see what would happen next.
Monty was released on command.
And there he lay
in the sunshine + his little toes in the air.
Not one drop of blood was spilled
but lil Monty had succumb to heart failure from the whole ordeal
photo + shop credit :: Atelier Pompadour
a shoppe of gorgeous felted goodies to warm your soul!!

Not really a happy ending, but it was quick + painless for everyone involved
and a cute way of showing you an etsy shop i just adore!!

bye bye for now :: lil jj

life lesson # 269:: don't poop where you eat!!!

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