Friday, January 17, 2014

Cerulean Blue

This week was all about getting back into it, learning a new technique + making sure i did some things of my 2014 Sparky checklist! Mission accomplished ~ ahhhhh. So in my time off over the festive season, i managed to get happily lost in the cyber world...and ended up finding some really top notch stuff!! New techniques, gorgeous sewing patterns + de-licious fabrics that my eyes are   well.. drooling over! (my project list is getting massively exciting!). 
So with my new found bias binding method, i thought i'd try it could work out better than what i have been doing for the last few years! Didn't disappoint! Easy + commonsensical, funny.... it never seemed to cross my mind to do it that way! Anyways Mr 'Honey Box Blue' Humphred Jones looks quite handsome with his Cerulean blue trimmings. What colour is Cerulean you ask? well its royal blue, but i think Cerulean sounds more fancy!  There is one of these Mr's currently in the shop!

Happy Weekending!

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