Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Beginnings!!

Just a quick note (i'm still trying to be on holidays!) Happy New Beginnings friends!!!
I love this part of the year - not because i'm a crazy party animal, nope...i don't think i've seen midnight for a couple of years now (me + my old lady pants) :: giggle...but because i love the 1st of january!!  This means the 'christmas crazies' are officially over ~ YiPpY!  People get back to their normal selves, the stress is over, the eating frenzy has calmed (well kind of) and its the one time of year you can really give yourself a break + have some real time off of what ever it is you do.

To moi, the 1st of January means the slate has been wiped get a fresh start - you might have messed up a couple of things in 2013...but who cares..its 2014!  So this means you get to make a new exciting list of things you want to accomplish for the year, throw in some new adventures + new crazy goals and tada,  you are completely re-energized and ready to really give life a go...

So i might post a couple of snapshots here + there, but we'll be officially back at work on Monday the 6th January, so
au revoir.... enjoy this time with your families/peeps/pooches + making your new wonderful lists of crazy adventures!

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