Monday, January 13, 2014

Sparky Jones in 2014

Well i've been jotting down all my daydreams + goals for Sparky 2014 in my ideas journal of late. The great thing about taking a vacation ~ is thats when your brain really goes goes into relaxed, creative overload! So i've just been trying to finalize the thoughts into a few key areas, as...well my lists can be awfully long + completely unachievable. 
Now before we go any throw a spanner into the works, i happened to read a very insightful + thought provoking blogpost (on blogging,businessing + life) of Holly Becker's over at Decor8.  (Did i mention that i drool over the interior designs she finds - yum!)  Its a bit of a lengthy read, but well worth it!  Basically its about letting go of perfection, having fun + invigorating action instead of  inspiring a nothingness!

Anyways...i'm still a list writer, but she made my brain think in alternative directions - which is AOK!

So what did i learn about 'building an impeccable business in 2013'??

Well it didn't go so smoothly, nope, i never put 'getting abundantly sick' in the plan.  It got to the point where it was embarrassing, i couldn't even mention it anymore because it was so out of control, and i didn't want peeps thinkings i was.....'one of those'.  I've never been a sickly person...the occasional sinus infection, some tummy i cut out wheat + dairy and life seemed to be good, the last 6 months, we must have got every bug,cootie, flu + bacteria known to man.   I say 'we' as the babe, Mr + i happily passed things back + forward.  On top of that i had about 2 tooth infections, a root canal on a root canal + a crazy tummy bacteria from all the antibiotics (always take probiotics trust me!).

By December i was worn out, beat up, run down...but a touch slimmer  :: giggle!

So i guess it made me realize that, plans are always meant to be broken (babes are good for that too!), you have to learn to go with the flow a bit more, relax + adapt.  And not sure that being a full-time blogger is for moi...its super hard + kudos to those out there who do! I feel a bit more at home behind the sewing machine than the screen.

Okay so last years list was...pretty amazing ! but with the lessons learned, a lil family to think of, I had to do some  tweaking  + re-adjusting the ol'  Sparky Jones businessing model, here's the adventures i've planned for this year  ::

(some of last years items definitely made it onto this years longer version of the list - wink wink hello nice shoes!) 

So what can you peeps expect ? I will be still 'building an impeccable business' but do it a bit more organically. Adventures are a must, indie-preneur interviews - yes, businessing tips + spectacular ideas - check, and creative stuff to invigorate, motivate + get you off the couch....okay sounds good too! So stop by when you can...there is some scrumptious news coming towards the end of the months - yipPy hooray!!

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