Sunday, May 23, 2010

a top secret order

Okay so this lover-ly young lady contacted me about my Bujetta Jones ::: the Sparky Jones budget wallet. And she wasn't just wanting one.....she was wanting 7 of them, for a SUPA awesome, but top secret gift idea!!!
So i got totally pumped, picked out some cool colour schemes and got busy.

This one is totally my favourite....i called her cherry sorbet!
Mine comes in very handy as i have many a receipt and cards these days!!!

There are 2 slots for cards, which actually hold a lot o cards, i kinda put my heavy use cards in one, and not so important in the other......and then there are 2 compartments for receipts, so i put business in one, and personal in the other!!!

They even hold a cheque book and a 'always come in handy' pen

The back is actually 3 zipped seperate compartments, made to hold all your $$ for your 3 main spending habits (instead of using those credit card things which can get a bit outta control, using cash keeps you in check and old fashioned, its retro baby!!)

Although my sista actually came up with this idea!! As a mother of 2 she has to be supa organized, efficient and hey... hot all at the same time!!!
So they will be all wrapped up and ready to go tomorrow to await their new homes.....every Cherry Sorbet!!!
bye for now
little jj

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