Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quite the Photographer...mmmmm

So last weekend, I was selling my Sparky Jones goodies at the Penticton Farmers Market, when this chap came up and we started to have a good ol chat about how i need get onto making guys hats (which i totally need to do as many peeps want to buy for their beau's). He commented on how he loved my display, and then thats when it started to get a lil.........uncomfortable shall we say!!!!

He had told me that he had watched me preparing my ladders (which is kinda weird coz i painted them in my basement ??) and that he already knew that i was a hat maker, and that he loved my new boyfriend's car, if thats what i was calling him now, and was he going to do his vintage car up. I went from having a good day to feeling like throwing up all over my lover-ly display. Apparently he lives in the apartments across from me and is quite the photographer, now i'm all about supporting local artisans and their passions, but what i am not ok with, is an 'artist' knowing what i had for dinner last thursday night without being invited !!! There is art and there is stepping over the line to get that art, and have made me feel uncomfortable in my own lil cozy home so that you can pursue your passions.....I just like to make hats

But now that i have my lil rant out about invasion of privacy....lets get onto more happy thoughts...

I have 3 medium 'luscious plum' Kinn Jones hats, as i actually needed to make a small(sorry Sarah!), but just got in mission mode and ended up making 3 mediums!!!

each hat has different buttons, so have a look here and here!!

and i went nuts on random stitching on the back.....i love random stitching as it makes it feel even more loved by the maker - MOi!!!!!

The inside is a supa kitschy apri-co-co n' red floral upcycled cotton with a lucious red cotton jersey to keep her snug!!!!
And i'll be finishing some more Kepp Jones hats today, one of which will be going to a good home to a mountain biker chick from Vernon !!!
bye for now
little jj

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