Sunday, September 12, 2010

late night cruisin

Ok so i'm supposed to be going to bed and actually getting some sleep for a change, and i thought well.............. i'll just sneak onto etsy and check out some things before i settle down for the night...................SETTLE DOWN - settle the hell i'm i going to settle down now.......... i'm cruisin..............and there is Jemima Jones front and centre on the etsy blog!!! (sorry Kailey Jones -your fav clutch has been sold)

Ok so i don't know how the hell to do this print screen stuff.. so this is my effort of being a computer nerd (i always have to google how to do stuff and i still don't get it, could someone please help me on how to do this actually took me about 20 steps and the article i read had 3 steps!!!! I'M STRESSING OUT RIGHT NOW about how stupid i can be and giggling too)

So if you can't check it out on the photo....check it out here !!!!

Righto now i really have to go to bed !!!
....i'm supa excited coz i have a least 2 weeks worth of orders to sew....and i finally feel like Sparky Jones is on its way .....Yippy Yippy Yo Yo!!!
bye for now
little jj

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