Monday, September 13, 2010

My first weekend...

So this weekend, is the first weekend i didn't work - thats right i had my first 2 days off in a very very long time and i have to i understand why it is really important to have 2 days off from work!!!! I'M RE - FRESHED and full of beans!!!(minus the headache from cutting down on my coffee intake - man life is boring with out an overconsumption of caffine!)

The Penticton Artisans market has wrapped up for the season, and i'm proud to say..............'I DID IT'. I've always had a fear of selling my stuff at the markets, but i stuck it out and met many a character in the process!!!

and then they didn't need me at the restaurant that i work at on saturday i thought i would take full advantage of that and not even work on SpaRky JoNes(which was really hard....running a business is like any addiction-its really hard to stop!!!)

So what did i do???? what exciting thing did i get up too???? you ask....well me and my beau fell asleep on the couch at 6pm - lights out/gonezo/coma-tozed. How lameO is that!!! All that freedom and i just slept through it all!!!

But its now monday and i feel GREAT.
I finished up an etsy order.....a cute lil red n' denim Kepp Jones. She is made out of some dark denim Foxy jeans and has the cutiest lil polkadot flap. The lining is an upcycled cotton which was once a lil grandma's quilting fabric!!! I made 2, so which ever one doesn't sell, will be posted in my etsy store - Yippy!!!

Tomorrow is going to be Ruby Tuesday....i'm going to post all things ruby!!!!

Bye for now
little jj

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