Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Off to the lake

How silly little jj, why would you go to the lake in a pure white dress!!!! Well thats all part of it right....why not look glamorous ALL THE TIME!!!! You never know who you might run into :::giggle!!!

So i love making these clutches....they really put my mind work...they kinda look simple...but they are not!!! Oh NO, if you forget just even one step.....i'm hooped..as in a lot of unpicking!!!

But anyways i could think of was fishing when i made this Jemima Jones...perhaps its the kitschy plaid handle or perhaps the deep Navy/teal that imitate the striking emerald n'blue coloured lakes of Canada.

Had to put a photo of my canadian winter socks and fishing green knee high boots!!!

i love that you can hold her either way....all depending on your mood...or outfit for that matter!!!

a close up of her plaid handle with thick teal stitching

And of course the inside.....a perfectly matched upcycled cotton lining....and a vintage green button that adorns the pocket!! You can see some different shots here
Perhaps i'm inspired by my up and coming holiday too!!! A group of friends and myself are going on a 4day Kayak trip off Vancouver Island in BC.....i'm excited but scared all at the same time...i've never done something like this before and i'm really hoping that i come back....alive!!!
bye for now
little jj

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