Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sometimes you gots to lose a little

Well last week not only did i lose my Mama (she went back to australia after being here for the coldest 3 weeks in BC ever!!) but i lost about 100 pounds!! The day before she left, i woke up ready to start my day and things started to turn.... and mainly in my tummy. So off to the washroom i ran....and managed to squeak out "Mama get me the bucket!!!" And the games began!!! I spent the day either in the washroom or passed out in my bed exhausted from my experiences - but thanks goodness my Mama was there to make me cups of tea and change the channel for me(Those things can be slightly irrating with all the chat but can come in handy in these circumstances...giggle)
I managed to pull myself together the next day, as Mama, my beau and I were off to Vancouver, for quick trip to visit family, see the international departure terminal and staying in a fancy hotel in the city. All went well, minus one hiccup in the morning and Mamas flight being delayed until 1 am - the hotel was a little bit of a dissapointment was a bit of a shoe box that was painted green!!! BUT
there was a free breakfast......and even tho i paid for it in the hotel room said 'complimentary', so i signed up naturally!!!
As i perused the lil tummy started to turned...and i went for the fruit platter - the bacon, eggs and greasy sausage for some strange reason was definitely not appealing to me.....So basically I paid $100 to eat bloody fruit!!!! what a let down.
So my beau and i decided to cruise over to Deep Cove and get a coffee before we left the city. Oh man was it ever beautiful over there - i think its was i always imagined Canada to look like. So we gots a coffee and a huge donut from a cutesy lil coffee shop(i didn't eat the donut but i had to try weighed probaby 1 kg!) and there was a cool boutique nextdoor which i totally fell in love with - i think i can see a lil Sparky in there one day!
So it was there and then i decided to start saving some cash, so i can have a weekend in Vancouver, visiting coffee shops and boutiques and actually EATING....

and speaking of budgets...i just finished up these 2 Bujetta Jones ::: 'Tealy Greens' (which come to think of it...was probably the colour of my face that day, giggle)

Heres a lil description of them:

Tealy Greens is just so fresh n delicious, with her front flap that is made from Hetty's old dress - a minty number with kitschy koo drawn flowers! Handmade apple green bias binding that encases the tealy canvasy wallet body. The backside has 2 olive and 1 aqua coloured zips - ....which makes the most perfectly odd combination!!! The Sparky Jones cotton of course!!!

and some fancy photography!!!

So So check out my shop....i've been adding lots lately ::: i guess the thing about being sick, is when you feel better.....................YOU FEEL FANTABULOUS!!! And skinnier - giggle
bye for now
lil jj

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