Sunday, December 26, 2010

Made to Order

Okay so i guess you've picked up that .....Sparky Jones was the featured seller the other day!!! YipPy - i still can't believe it and i still can't seem to get off my high (like i keep waking up a 4am supa excited to get to work....what a nerd!)
Anyways in one of my sleepless nights..i realized that what i REALLY needed to do was have 'MADE TO ORDER' listings - as that way i can actually get the numbers of each size right!! Coz if you make all one size, everybody wants one of the other sizes yada yada.

So the skinny is as follows:::
If you just love a hat that i have posted (and it has MADE TO ORDER written beside it!)
What you do, is measure your head size, check the Sparky Jones sizes and then....just say you buy this delicious lil tell me...little jj, what your head measurements are and what size you think you might be in the 'note from buyer' section!!!

Yeppers its that easy!!!

From there, after your order/payment has been confirmed, it will take 2 WEEKS for production(or faster depending on how many other things i have to do)......and then time in transit(which will depend on your locale...but i'm going to say roughly a week!)

Here is my lastest 'MADE TO ORDER' listing :::
There are 4 of these 'Trucker Tombo' Kepp Jones hats
I decided to make some hats similar to my very own work hat that i wear on my tomboy dirtmonkey days, coz so many people always comment on it (which is weird coz its always dirty and covered in vegetation). But i guess after a couple of years getting beat up...its still looking pretty good!!!!
Also i've been trying to be more resourceful and using what i have (coz i have a lot of fabric!)
so these guys have been reinforced with an upcycled heavy cotton curtain, to make them supa sturdy and uber eco!!!
Now everybody has been emailing me about the 'Sequoia Greens' Kinn Jones......I don't actually have enough fabric left to make more...BUT i have some colours that are pretty awesome together and look kinda similar.....I'm thinking of calling them 'Kinda Sprucey'!!!
Hope everyone had a fantabulous christmas!!! Mine was great...i actually got some sleep!!!!
Although i did miss my lil sweetie(My beau had chrissy with his family)...i told him i had to stay behind coz.......... i was about to get famous.::: giggle!!
bye bye for now
little jj


  1. Good ideas for the made to order listings, those hats are great!...but I really just bopped in to say congrats on your great featured seller article! You look fabulous and so do your products. Best of luck to you and your lovely boutique.

  2. congrats to you! THAT would be amazing, I can only imagine the high you are on! Love your stuff and I love what you wrote. Thanks, it was really inspiring.

  3. Congrats on being a Featured Seller! I'm a new etsy seller and you're a great inspiration! I love your hats!

  4. Love the work you do and its nice to read about your success on etsy, it gives the rest of us some hope...

  5. Gi'day Little jj,
    Congratulations!!!! Your featured seller article is great!!! So inspiring. Well done!!! I love your hats. You really must be soaring pretty high right about now. Enjoy! You deserve every wonderful moment. I love to read of others passion and persistence...not to mention sheer talent. I hope this brings you heaps more sales and fame! All the best.
    As an etsy shop co-owner with my daughter, I can soooo understand your excitment each morning, when checking your etsy. (I LOVE the new 'activity feed')Sales are great....but so are convos and hearts! Just love it all.
    I also have a blog and facebook page, that I try to work with our etsy shop.
    Never in a million years, would have thought that I would be sitting in front of a computer screen so many hours each day. Life is just full of surprises.