Friday, December 17, 2010

where's da brakes!!!

A few weeks ago when i picked up my Mama, something went a bit awry with the brakes in my car. I said " Don't worry Mama we just have to drive 5 hours through the mountain passes to get home - we'll be fine!!!' . We both nervously giggled and then there was silence........but as we made it home, got busy and funds were limited - i decided to ignore the fact that i had no brakes....i would just use my gears!!!
So i'm driving along the other day and there was a line up of cars in front of me, so i start gearing down 50m's ahead of my target stop, and as i neared the bumper in front of me, applied my brakes - there was nothing, the car kept going even tho my foot was thru the floor - SHIZA!!!! All of a sudden my Ebrake light came on and my trusty stead had applied its back up brakes (i think, well i don't really care where the brakes came from....the point is...i stopped just in time!!). So i thought well that was a close call.....its probably about time i had my brakes checked.
I hate dropping my car off, its like going to the dentist - you know they are going to find something and it sure is going to cost ya !
Apparently - they said ....You are totally missing one back brake it had fallen off somewheres, and he gave me a lecture of keeping things in order on my car, so that i wouldn't have a near death experience again. I felt like saying...."yeah for sure - i'm going to floss everyday until my next visit!!!" have all intentions to, but you know you won't!!!

And let me tells ya, Sparky is getting busy.....somedays i'm like - 'where's da brakes'......Everyone is doing their last minute, freaking out christmas buying, so i've been sewing like a maniac, packaging, and running to the post office (i've finally learned how to use online shipping tools - so much easier and faster!!)
And just managed to finish up these ' Citrus n' Plum 'Waste Wonderful wristlets......totally love em, coz i needed a little brightness and warmth in my days

Description: morsels of oranges, corals and florals make up this cheerful Waste Wonderful!!!(just what we need for the gloomy winter)The back side is made from a beautiful thick upcycled denim!! Whilst the lining is a kitschy upcycled orange n' white gingham cotton with a deep plum zip to oddly match. She is finished off with an orange strap and organic cotton labels. Some interfacing and padding is used.

And i'm going to be adding a NEW NEW NEW product to my etsy shop today.......they are cute lil headband for the winter called 'Osettia Jones'
bye bye for now
Little jj

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  1. Your stories are precious, hilarious, fun, joyous...I'm hooked! I just found you through reading about you on Etsy and couldn't wait to check out your blog! Blogging is so fun isn't it?
    I hope you got those brakes fixed!;)
    You do beautiful work Jemima!
    Hugs and Happy Holidays!