Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So i put it out there on the facebook for peeps to suggest some colours i could use....as i'm sure everyone is sick of seeing ummmmm red, teal, green and apricot...............ummmmm my all time fav colours!!! Someone suggested CITRON............what a fantabulous colour holy diner!!! Why hadn't i thought of it before!!! So vibrant and it pretty much goes with everything...

here is a look at 'CITRON BOMB' the lastest Kinn creation!!

+ Here is the Fabric History for this lil number :
Belle had the most boring trousers i have ever seen.......Khaki with pleats to be precise - and ankle freezers, you know the ones with big thick hems on em!!! So dorky pants no longer.....and HELLO 'Citron Bomb'!!!! With a band of the most wonderful fabric in a vintage military green.....the Citron trimmings look absolutely delicious!! 2 lime, white and teal florally flaps sit on both sides of the brim and have a big lemon sorbet buttons to adorn them. The inside is just as fresh with a lime n' citron upcycled cotton and a grey jersey band to ensure a supa comfortable fit!!!
So my beau was like...............you should definitely keep one of these for yourself...its totally you!!! My reply 'well they are all totally me silly!! - i can't keep everything!'

bye bye for now, lil jj

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