Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ummmm its pretty Nice....

So this going to 'work for the man' stuff....well its kinda nice - Its been totally great to be back at my old job, getting a bit silly with ol workmates (i get to use my trucker mouth again! - that thing has been backed up let me tells ya), getting totally excited about 'COFFEE BREAK'...and leaving work at work (which is at 3 in the afternoon - hello 2 days for the price of one!!)
But never fear - i'm not giving up Sparky!!!
Infact i have a couple o things to show you...but i seemed to have had dilema after dilema in the photo shoot department, like a lot of rain and a bit more rain, the wrong time of day, grandmas with grandkids(who both stand there...stare and ask a lots o ?) and grandmas who need you to move your whole photo set up, so they can back there car out of their parking spot EVEN THO a semi trailer truck could do a 3 point turn in that same area and never hit you!!!!.......KEEPING VERY CALM AT THIS there was a minor amongst us!!!
So here is what i can show you.........

'Tour de Paris'

a delectabley cute biking cap in ::

denim, seafoam and a hint of CITRON

and this guy

A supa special hat for many a reason....

An very inspiring broad i know - is going thru a bit of a rough patch, so to feel better...she came into the HQ's to pick out some fabrics:: and these are the wonderful morsels she just stitched them together and made them awesomely scrumptious by stiffening them with organic canvas and using an organic jersey band for the lining!!
When she put on her new hat(s) she simply beamed....and the fact that she felt that her beauty, feminity and sparkyness has been lost with her hair....was really only in her eyes !!

+ Small gestures of kindness are often the greatest gift +

I've decided that i there will be free shipping on these particular hats....however the cost of how much the shipping would have been - will be donated to Cancer Research (i really hope that at least one customer lives in the antarctic!!!)

And another P.R.O.T.O Jones....a little bit different than the last one...but just as cute!!!

Better get to bed....the alarm goes off at 5!!!!! WOOZER

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  1. HA! The contrast between the day job & Sparky is hilarious ... and refreshing, I imagine :P