Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The latest adventure of lil miss jj...

hey hey,

well there have been some new twists in my little adventure we call 'life'.....i'm going back to work full time.....TOMORROW!!! AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Well i guess its a good and bad thing, i kinda have mixed emotions - and it sure will be nice to have a steady paycheque for a while!!! It has also spurred me on to finish my renovations in the Sparky HQ's

(i've decided that the definition for 'renovations' should actually be........a job that is never 100% completed!!! Like really who ever finishes!)

So i'm hoping to do a bit of Sparky in the PM hours and i have many a fabrics picked out to make some Bujettas and Busy's(Thanks peeps for writing to me and giving me some great colour combo ideas!).............so keep checking in.....i'm not totally giving up, just having to take a different approach for a few months.

And above i really need to remember one thing...'not to take life so seriously!' Its supposed to be fun right!!
Bye bye for now
lil jj

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