Sunday, May 8, 2011

M's Day..

I finally ventured out of the sweatshop....and i have some STORIES!!!!! Life has been a lil boring of there hasn't been anything to write about and sewing!!! Not really hot topics in the papers or in the news these days!!!
So today is Mothers Day and my lil mumma lives in a different country - she did however call ME say i could say Happy Mothers day to her (Suddenly everything becomes very clear about why i am the way i am::giggle) my beau and i decided to have a 'treat yourself coz you have no kids day!'..........we went out for brekky at our fav place!!!! And the funny thing was, my parents had actually given us some $ for easter to do something we thought GREAT what a perfect way to spend the mum ended up treating us:giggle!! ummmmm Thanks Mum!!!Then off to a plant sale!!! It was actually at this Research Station that i must have driven by a million times but never been too! (its a supa pretty place - lots o peeps get married there because of the gardens and vistas) - There were all these cute lil old gardener types there...i think i kinda enjoyed the people watching more than the sale!!!

Then off to Value Village where i got some fantabulous fabrics that i probably didn't need but had to have(like my wall of fabric isn't big enough already!!!!). We managed to squeeze in a coffee break and a trip to Costco now we have enough meat and toilet paper to last us the year - Thanks goodness!!!!!

It was also great to have the day off because a)i really try not to work on sundays + b)i just had a crazy few days of sales in my Etsy shop!!!!! Which is fantabulous coz things had been soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sllooooooooooooooowwwwwwww for ages!!!!

And now i have room for some new goodies, like this one!!!

This Bujetta Jones budget wallet is called 'Ostentatious Orange'.............she is stupendously kitschy.....GOLD with an orange vintage floral pattern, a tumeric canvas body and fushcia trimmings. I'm kinda disappointed with the photos coz they just don't do this character any justice!!!!

Can't wait for this week................its going to be the week of all things.......CITRON!!!! who doesn' love citron.....or at least just saying citron!!!!

bye bye for now, lil jj

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