Saturday, July 16, 2011

tangerine + tweed

today being saturday, is my official 'gett er' done' sewing day!!!
so check out this lil cutie::

Bea's skirt made a wonderful Kinn Jones hat of the tangerine variety....with her tweedy goodness, juicy orange trimming n' stitching and kitschy vintage floral lining :: this number is just perfect for bookworms, summer days and bike rides!!

i even spent a better part of the day making 5 kilometres of tangerine bias that i'll be totally stocked up with orange trimmings for the next 5 years.....yiPpY!!!

Infact the next SpaRky goodness that i'm going to make going to be outta this deliciously
thick koo koo fabric!!!! I think its going to look fantabulously gorgeous - fingers crossed XX!

bye bye for now

lil jj

1 comment:

  1. super cute colors. the binding is awesome!! someday i'll have to invest in one of your hats :)