Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anniversary at the Ashnola

So the other weekend, was me and my beau's 1st we decided to bust outta town to celebrate.......and it was surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeee convenient that my sweetie had just invested in a camper for his truck!!! (i think its called deluxo style!)
We stopped for gas here, and i just love this pic with the the lil silver squeaks mobile in the background - everybodies just on vacation

And this collage of photos seems to capture my beau just perfectly = B.U.S.Y!!!!!! with a capital BOYSCOUT! Most peeps relax while camping...not this one!!! Perhaps just one of us was relaxing!!giggle!

A totally sexist breakie..but one worth capturing!

muttsy contemplating??

We camped right near this raging river - which was supa cool to fall asleep too...the mozzies....not so cool!! But luckily we had a bit of this goodness to numb the itching
and how could you not love these retro vixens...

And a glowing photo of whats most important:: S*%T tickets...........i never leave home without at least 3 rolls of em - you never can be too sure right!!!

And then there was the wildlife....a lil alpine aster and my favourite -serious yet totally 'South Park' looking sign about the sheeps!!! Makes me giggle everytime i pass it.

Anyways bottom line is.....this kid has kept me around for a year......i think its a good sign that i have found someone that will put up with my craziness ::: Yippy!!!

bye bye for now

lil jj

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