Monday, July 25, 2011

working thru it

Thanks for all ya support, emails and words of encouragement guys - that has been fantabulous actually!
Lil Sparky is currently working on simmering down - infact my beau has strapped me in my corner of the ring, until I can calmly put down my boxing gloves and act like the civilized business person that i should be!! giggle

Here are some photos of the calm before the storm..................................................
(actually it was kinda after the storm...but that didn't sound as good::never-the-less, the sky was supa amazing and well worth capturing)

and some cute lil flowers in my garden that managed to survive the downpour
Thanks again folks - and you guys are right!! Sparky Jones = top notch funk-i-lic-ious accessories!!!
Bye bye for now..lil jj
life lesson #126 ::: When in a complete stage of anger...wait at least 3 - 7 days to react to the situation, bit of a hard one to do, but think its for the best for all involved.........Buying a flight to a different country to give some what for in person - not so high on the agenda right now:::giggle

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  1. no worries Sparky. I can on;y imagine how frustrated you must feel. But rest assured your product make seem similar but the style, ideology and quality of work makes the other hats just blatant copies. I wouldn't have bought so many hats if they were merely meh hats. Yours are versatile, multi season and perfect.
    Thanks SJ!