Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hot Pants!!!

Yippy.....i am so so so happy with the way these ' HotPants Cherry' BuSy Jones turned out!! Its always a bit of a gamble when picking fabrics....what looks good in ya head....sometimes not so in the real!! But i love love love em................
This is 'HotPants Cherry +Charcoal'..................

she is about to be shipped off to a lovely new home in Australia to the Lil lady that loves reds, hot pinks and blacks !(Thanks M for the inspiration!) - i find blacks pretty hard to i had to settle for a Charcoal strap and body...which in the end, worked out perfectly retro-licious!

And new pockets...which i might just have to use in all my bags now...the 3 in 1 pocket extravaganza!! For all your stuff and more stuff!

I found these big kitschy snaps for the bag closure!!



'HotPants Cherry + Bleu'

Oh to keep them retro inspired....a touch of red n' white polkadot for the welt pocket on the strap

and on the flipside............a supa cutie hot pink bubbley kinda fabric - oH and almost forgot the red n' white strap for the d-ring for ya Keys!!

Righto bye bye for now

lil jj

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! It should be arriving in the next few days - YAAAAAY!! You are a true textile artist :)