Thursday, January 12, 2012

hot lil hands...

Okay so even tho one of my New Years resolutions is NOT to buy anymore fabric (Mmmmm i feel like i might have said that before...weird..)...i just happened to be feeling well...a touch bluesy - you see my sweet lil beau is on a new adventure in life...called 'exciting new job..working outta town', so after i dropped him off at the airport, i came back home - paced the house, paced some more, stared at the walls... until i noticed that my 2 hairy companions were sitting there staring at me like i was completely bonkers !!
So what did i do?? Well when faced with a situation such as this....i clean!!!! Yeppers the whole house got a good going over and so did the thoughts in my brain. So after the cleanse was completed - i was off on a chilly -3'c ride to the HQ's..................AND it just so happened that i had to ride past one of my favouritest places to rummage thru vintagey fabric!! ' Oh this will make me feel better too' i thought::giggle
And boy did it ever - i managed to find a tablecloth (with a fantabulous kitschy lace trim which i can use in some up + coming sparky products!) that is pretty close to the one i used in the Sequoia range last year...
Although I think i might have to use Chesters trousers instead of make it more of a hat for the Spring

So keep a look out for the new Sequoia range..although i have so many hats i want to make at the moment that its killin' me to only have so much time in the day!!! Ahhhhhhh blasted life always gets in the way :::giggle!!

righto bye bye for now :: lil jj

ps:: just finishing up 2 hats and Bujetta's so i can take some photos in the next couple o days!!

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