Thursday, January 26, 2012

Orchids + Oceans

Like i've said before....I just ADORE Orchids!! So when i was tidying up my fabric stash....there she was...Nell's outrageous upholstery fabric - that i had totally forgotten about!!! Perfect for all these yukky winter days...a lil bright bouquet of flowers in the form of a bag:: ok now i'm giggling coz that was so supa dorky + art schooly!!
And hello Martha's tablecloth again (as in the fabric used on theback of the bag which was featured in the last couple of bags!)......its just so tactile + gorgeous, and seems to match every fabric i put with it!! Well actually its my favourite colour of ALL i think i make it match everything. Its kinda the colour of my HQ's, my puffy jacket, my leather boots, cont. - you get the picture right!!!

So have a peek a boo see a bit more of 'Orchids + Oceans' in all her glory!!!

Okay i have to sweetie is coming home tomorrow + i really have to clean up the place, + make it look like i haven't been living in artistic/creative chaos otherwise known as 'jj land'. To describe my beau in 2 words would be 'neat' + 'freak'....guess thats why we make a good combo!!!(wink ya sweetie!)

bye bye for now :: lil jj

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