Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oceans + Seaweed

Otto's favourite place was the beach, so much so - he up and sold everything, bought a pair of board shorts + numerous flip flops and moved to the seaside!!
So he didn't really need his trousers anymore...which quite frankly is awesome for Sparky Jones, as his olive plaid trousers made for one awesome seaside inspired hat!!!

In tones of seaweed + oceans teals, this lil hat was a pleasure to make....perhaps even relaxing..i kinda felt like I was about to go on vacation to the beach ::: giggle!!! Gots to say i miss the smell of salt water, ocean breezes and eating fish n' chips on the beach on a stormy day (bit of a family tradition ) - ummm minus those pesky seagulls tho!

I love putting the seams of the trousers in the hat somewhere's - this cute lil number has a seam on either side + on the brim. Suppose so peeps can see what this accessory used to be...and would you look at that - so full of life still !!
So if you want to see a bit more of Otto's trousers, have a look here:

bye bye for now :: lil jj

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