Tuesday, January 17, 2012

from trouser to WOWzer!

So you remember Ralphy's trouser?? Well look at em' now - a classy lil clutch with a whole lotta Ommphhhhhhhhh! The Kingfisher front is a supa divine upcycled silky fabric (i think it must be a fabric sampler from many many years ago! - i managed to snatch a few of these samplers ages back, but i could never bear to part with them......until....enter New Years resolutions!! YipPy!!) which makes this Bujetta look even more sophis-ti-ma-cated!! Eucalyptus green lining in the zippered pockets, handmade tasty teal upcycled bias binding, and vibrantly fresh mint and greeny teal zips.
And sorry folks but i'm keeping one for myself !! (and kinda coz it was made with all things that my GG loved in mind too) So yeppers, i transported all my goodies + lifelines (aka :: credit cards, lipbalm, notebook) over to my new Bujetta - and well now you can see my my life consists of! giggle. So now i'm feeling uber organized...enter New Years resolutions #2!!
So you can see a lil more here - if you'd like
bye bye for now ::: lil jj
ps:: so you kids got any 'out there' resolutions??

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  1. Ummm ... I just *had* to buy this one - I was always going to get a Bujetta Jones - you just made one so gorgeous I had to get one earlier than originally planned ;)