Monday, September 16, 2013

Creatin' the good stuff

I LOVE, love love CREATING!! Give me a coffee, a bit of quiet time + some scrumptious supplies...and i'm the happiest girl around. This month is all about the products, so i wanted to spend time really fine tuning, as over the last... well year, i've been mentally working on my products. Now that I have done most of the things that I used to dread(yippy) like organization + numbers...its 'treat yourself time'...yep, some well earned creative time!!
So one of the things on my 'get creating' list was to catch up with Darlene of 'Button Crazy', to get some top notch notions for my secret new products.   I had met her through the Fabulous Finds Shows (which I just received news that the Sparky Jones application as a stall holder...was accepted! ~ happily freaking out now!), anyways I knew that she was pretty stocked up with important things I needed..... so I packed up the whole family (Mumma, Pappa, the Mr and the babe) and we took a mini road trip to Vernon to get some much needed gorgeous supplies!  Luckily I have my new businessing lil traveller report card to jot down how much road we travelled :: wink wink!
I was definitely not disappointed, she had walls of vintage goodness(in the most fantabulous lil boxes that I really wanted to keep), cabinents of all sorts of wonderfully colourful notions, Mumma and I were definitely drooling with excitment and wanting.....everything! 
I'm really hoping to post some snippets of what I have been working on soon !

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