Monday, September 30, 2013


Well Happy Monday!!
I'd actually written a post on sourcing, but in my wakeless hours last night, due to another crazy thunder + lightening storm (tis the season i suppose)....i wanted to tell you about something a little bit different!
Sourcing the good stuff!
For the last while, i have been thinking of how to make Sparky Jones bigger + better - which is why this whole adventure started right,  so i've been trying to find materials that will make a real impression, so i've been searching high + low,emailing, calling, back + forth we go.  Its quite the process let me tell you, especially when you want your business to be of an ethical nature.
I think i've finally found some materials that will fit, just waiting for some more swatches - i'm so ecstatic to be using something that is a bit foreign to must always be learning, otherwise life becomes boring!
I've found a few places on Etsy to get my hardware; such as earring supplies, magnetic snaps etc, and from me to you....'always have a back up plan + a helmet' as my friend always says.  As just when you are out of something, the business you usually shop with, doesn't stock it anymore, and you need them for a Show you are doing...that actually happened :: hello stress!!
Locals are pretty fantabulous too.  Most of the businessing locals i use are great people, happy to help, give advice, offer a deal -  which is the nice thing about supporting your own town
I've been trying to think a bit more outside the box too, i think we all get a lil stuck at times, so to make things more fun + to be creativity inventive for me is key.  I'll be doing a DIY next month, which is something i'll be using in my businessing, but something you could use for gifts too.
And secret weapon :: just ask.  There has been a couple of times, when i just had no idea where to look. Luckily over that last few years,  i have met quite a few crafty folk, who all seem to know something a bit different for moi ~ so they can head you in the right direction + are usually happy to help a friend in need! (Actually i'm thinking i might set up a focus group soon, for those who are in need of a businessing information, help + encouragement :: let me know if you'd be interested!)

Well this is just really dusting on sourcing the goods, BUT i have decided to change October's topic from Photography to Marketing ( as marketing is a BIG one + does kinda include photography!), so i'll be covering a lot of splendiferous tidbits there!

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