Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Free Printable for the lil Traveller.

Well, this is something I was in need of for ages (i'm a big fan of writing everything down on scraps of paper or backs of envelopes + happily yet accidently putting it in the paper recycling...oppsie doopsie) ~  So i thought well i'd better make a cute Sparky-fied vehicle log book/worksheet, that would look absolutely fantabulous in a clipboard, and would therefore require me to be gorgeously organized!! (And keep the car a touch more tidy!).  So I set my mind to creating a free printable that others can use too ~ what a perfect-a-mondo idea!!
I just signed up with Dropbox - a secure online file sharing + storage cloud. Hopefully I did everything correctly(fingers x'd) so that you can  download the lil traveller report card and use it for your lovely self.  enjoy!

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