Monday, September 23, 2013


Well the Mr found a crazy good deal for staying in an a)beach Resort, b)in a Yurt..c)in our own town. So we thought :: why not! Neither of us had stayed in a Yurt before, so it was a pretty splendiferous idea for a mini vacation, very very close to home :giggle! So we packed up shop for a few days, took a 4 minute drive and we were instantly relaxed.
The babe slept like a dream in her new port-a-cot(we finally had to graduate from our retro pram base basinette unfortunately!) which we managed to squeeze in the kitchenette, so we could take full advantage of a supa dupa vacation treat ~a massive screen T.V. We don't actually own a T.V, so when we have the chance to watch complete + utter crap....we love every minute of it.
The place was amazing, well thought out, completely simple yet beautiful(totally loved the natural wood flooring ~ sigh) and pretty nice view when you got into bed. Although I have to say, one night there was the most craziest storm ever, which had me hiding under the covers from the swaying trees, lightening + rain.
 So thank you Barefoot Beach Resort, we had a fantabulous few days of spoiling ourselves in our own lovely town!
ps :: I am now dreaming of a Sparky studio...yurt style ;)

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