Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bo.ttega Weekend

Well i'm pretty sure i could have sold my outfit 100 times over at the Bo.ttega Christmas Market extravaganza this weekend!!! and everyone love love loved the shoes!
Honestly…it was probably the best market i've done yet, the atmosphere was so fantabulously fun, everyone was happy yet relaxed….and so so so funny. Boy did i ever meet some characters (that's my favourite thing about doing markets, is you get to meet such interesting peeps!) I met fabric addicts, red shoe lovers, Australians, cricket loving English folk with the last name Jones, old people, young people, made some new friends + ran into some familiar faces, and the list could keep going! But i'm sure you get the idea!!

Ahhhhhh, anyways luckily i had a few hats on hand, a couple of Humphreds found a new home and i had made a few lil 'hello' purses (i'll be showing you in the next couple of days) which seemed to put a smile of peoples faces :: they really are quite cute if i do say so myself.

And the outfits, my sunday dress(shown above) was quite the hit, i think about 3 different people asked if they could take a photo…i just had to giggle + say 'well, sure why not!' I had actually made a few O.B Jones belts right before i had shut down over a year ago, and thought well hells its Christmas, they're cute + fun and look festively gorgeous, so i may aswell wear one! Its such a fancy lil obi belt too, it has a bit of a red n' green shimmer on the one side + a playful red gingham on the other…all you have to do is wrap yourself up with a deliciously thick red satin ribbon with a big bow + maybe some red shoes and your done!! (oh i do have 2 left if anyone is interested,..perhaps just send moi an email over at jemima@sparkyjones.ca)
And the best part of being at such a splendiferous event..is being around crafty folk. Its kinda nice to be able to talk about indiepreneur life, learn some new tips or get advice and just to be immersed in a culture that understands…well you! I'm feeling totally re-energized, move over Christmas I'm ready for exciting adventure in the new year!
So here are some of the peeps you should have a look-see into :: Nooks footwear
Bliss handmade
Kai bags
Suzanne Kruse Jewellery
and so many more!

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