Friday, December 20, 2013

winding down...

Well things are starting to wind down here for 2013. I wrapped up my last couple of orders that are heading for their exciting new homes.
I brought out a new lil wallet called 'Hello'….they just make me giggle, i wanted to make an accessory to go with a Sparky carrier or just to be held alone for those quick trips to the shops ~ yep a bit late for the Christmas shoppers, but i just couldn't wait until the new year!
Its started to get very wintery around these parts…so leggings, denim dresses + nooks booties are high on the agenda for lil Miss Bea.
Today it snowed like crazy, right when we were going to look at house #241(i feel like thats how many houses we have looked at to date!), however i did manage to stop along the way to take this quick snapshot. I'm not that fond of the snow…but there is a beauty in its serenity for sure!  And its always nice to have a white christmas, just like in the movies :: giggle.

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