Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Delia Jones ~ woolly plum.

I finally dug out the winter box!
When i was doing my wardrobe cleanse, i decided that to feel more 'de-cluttered', that i would have a winter + summer box of clothing….and what a fantabulous idea ~ i just opened up my winter box + it was like free shopping with all these clothes that i love, love love + haven't seen for a while! Some of them i was definitely keeping as i had a feeling my waistline would have to return someday..and boy i'm a glad i could squeeze into this lil number.
A preloved item in a maroony tweed. I would have taken a photo wearing it, but am finding the self-portrait a hard one to accomplish with a DSLR camera (any tips would be appreciated!)

Anyways, so as i was deciding what to wear with my new old tweedy goodness….n' Delia Jones in Woolly Plum was almost jumping out of her box (i found the perfect vintage tin to keep all my Delia Jones in, i'll have to show you asap!) at me.  How excited was I….excited, ecstatic, over the moon, in love, Woolly Plum was the perfect accessory to adorn my pretty lil waistcoat.  I'd tried out a couple o different arrangements, but this one was by far my favourite! So what do you think??

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