Sunday, December 8, 2013

This Weekending.

Sleeping Beauty illustration via the Graphics Fairy

Well this weekending, was kinda eventful in a non eventful way.  We really seemed to have a lot on the go, but every time we needed to go out…Baby Bea decided that she desperately needed a nap!  She was a complete Sleeping Beauty! Sweet but very inconvenient ::giggle!.

First up… we were house hunting!….which used to be fun…. but has now turned into a never ending task.  We're not too picky, but finding an appropriate sized house with all the bedrooms somewhat near each other seems to be non- existent around these parts.  We seem to be needing a touch more space, as our little family, sewing areas, doggies and guests from afar, seem to be a bit much for these tiny walls we call our home. 
And it just so happened we had some travelling peeps from Australia coming our way on saturday!
 Yes'm, in this tiny world we live in, my sista's friends from Perth, Australia had some work for a few weeks, in the next town away, so naturally... not really knowing them, but having some long lost connection, we thought ' hey let's catch up!!'  It was a complete vacationy treat for all of us i think, we wined + dined at the Poplar Grove Winery restaurant 'The Vanilla Pod'.   Delicious eats + great chats in Australian accents…loved every minute! 

Sunday brought us a visit with Santa!  It was our first real outting to a complete nutso kiddyfest event…there was  blow up thingys, plastic toys on mass, eats, a Santa + pressies.  Bea was loving it, but as predicted…there were tears on Santa's lap!

So in between the housing, scrumptious food + the santa gymboree,  i managed to do a bit of sewing!  Sparky Jones is going to be at Christmas show  at Bottega farm inn + Studio this weekend coming…so i have a bit of fine tuning to do before then...

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