Thursday, March 6, 2014

The new Sparky Jones website is up!

The new Sparky Jones website is up + this my friends is supa duper - ultra - completely out of this world exciting....because i built it myself!!!
Yes thats right the girl who is totally computer illiterate (funny how i always have to spellcheck that wouldn't that be the most embarrassing thing to spell incorrectly! yikes!) managed to build a classy lil website!. Now i've tried a few different website building sites out there, Wordpress got me frazzled in under 3 mins(not a good start), Weebly i tried for a while, but it just wasn't totally what i was going for...and then luckily through my blog hopping, i read that Yvonne over at Yvestown had mentioned SquareSpace! As soon as i checked them out...i knew it was the right place for moi!

They have so many beautiful templates to choose from, but Montauk was the one for me! I loved that most of their designs are picture based (perfect for scrumptious snapshots),  divine simple + effective layouts and what i really appreciate about SquareSpace is they have peeps to assist you 24/7! They were so so so helpful + i would totally recommend these guys to anyone building a website! NB:: i did have to get a lil computer geekery help with the domain name transfer...that stuff is way over my head! Anyways i still have a touch of tinkering to do here + there, as you do...but if you have any feedback about the new website...i'd love to hear it!

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