Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beatrix Betsy :: 17 months

Well i was going to wait till she was 18 months...but i just think this snapshot is perfectly Bea! Baby blue eyes, tongue poking out + no hair! What she does have, is so light(in colour) that you can't really see it! So glad warmer weather is on the way too, as now she can show off her Spring wardrobe, instead of all those cute outfits hiding under her winter coat + pants.  

She has changed so so so much over the last few months, walking, lots of teeth (some big molars have been showing up of late) + much talking, that i'm starting to feel very nervous! Everyday a few more words pop out, she'll say words in songs or point something out. I kinda think WOW you really have been listening to my constant chatter for the last 17 months :: giggle! She's a lot of fun these days, not that she wasn't before but i found the 12 -15 month mark...was a bit messy. Crying, tantrums + all over the shop short naps, and i just couldn't understand what she wanting. But we made it through, now i realize she was probably frustrated, bit sore from all the teeth coming at once + throw in some cooties here and there.

Anyways all is good + busy in our lil house, + daytime naps are back on schedule...phhheeeewwwww!  Lucky for moi, as we are about 3 weeks away from the Make It show in Edmonton!  I've been working like a squirrel to get lots of special lil hats made for the occasion!

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