Friday, March 14, 2014

Meet SummerSnowflake...

Oh this lil beauty had been in my ideas notebook for a while + i had stumbled on the most topnotch trousers + lining to do the job! 
An enjoyable read :: Hilary was quite the particular woman. She always looked well maintained, hair neat, ironed outfits + owned her very own sailboat. A pair of her beautiful quality white trousers were snipped + stitched in a unique way, to show their past...note :: her ironed creases may still be seen!! This light coloured number aptly named 'Summer Snowflake' is just that, a perfect character for summery days on the beach or on a cool winters day wearing your cozy grey woollen sweater. The interior is the most exquisite french vintage floral cotton, whilst the Paloma grey unique flap + big white button on the outter, matches the underside of the brim! So fancy, gorgeous + particular...just like Hilary!
There is one lil special 'SummerSnowflake' in the shoppe

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