Monday, March 3, 2014

Sparky Jones is getting techno

Yes Ma'am,
I have finally given in to getting techno-fied!  This lil baby is my first cell phone in....well 14 years!  When i left Australia in the year 2000, i left behind my family, friends + being attached to a cell phone, yes i did have a couple of regrets, but definitely not about the phone.  It's always been pretty freeing i found to not be 'on' 24/7....and to live in the moment, not to be looking constantly down at a phone.  I 've always been fond of those retro gadgets called a landline +  would  be that old biddy saying 'i just don't get whats wrong with an answering machine?'

Well i have caved + i think i'm going to like it! (i think thats because i have an addictive personality coffee, fabric, paper goods, coffee fabric, fabric :: giggle!)
Actually i've totally been loving using my fancy camera over the past year, but... it is quite time consuming to take the perfect shot, download, resize, tweak a touch, upload + then post to the various social media outlets.  So i figure, if i can cut down on, some time here + there....i will hopefully have more time for creating - Hooray!!

So check out SparkySnippets on Instagram

and just because i'm getting so technologically advanced...i've actually started to use my twitter account

i'll still be flickr'ing here + there too, as i do love pretty pictures (although i have been slack in that department).   But as ' to get better at that Social Media stuff' was on my 2014 Sparky List of things to accomplish, i figure we are doing pretty good + still have another 9 months of the year to iron out all the kinks!

Happy Mondaying everybodies!

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