Thursday, May 6, 2010

busy busy busy.........

Well the great thing about working from home is............ you never get bored!!!
My bestest friend Amy is a bridesmaid for her sista's weddin, so i offered to make Amy's dress(Thats my present for Shannon, to make here sista look just beaut-i-ful) - its the most gorgeous vintage dress, and she is having it in a rich chocolate brown silk ::: i'm just making up a dummy first, to make sure everything is perfect, before i cut into the 5metres of $$$$$!
Then i took some photos:::

a small ' Anyone for Polo' Organic Kepp Jones.............i made it out of this old man jacket
A medium size 'Cute as a Button' Kepp Jones with red trimmings, that i made outta my fatso winter jeans!!!

I wanted to re-take photos of this kitschy lil number.............really trying to LEArN how to take better photos, feel like i'm getting there!!!

Have to get as much use as i can outta my Canadian made Soia & Kyo jacket before it gets to hot!!! Wow i just checked out there new collection..............i think i want them all!!! I'm going to have to work a bit harder i guess - giggle!!
By the afternoon, i nearly finished my new batch of Waste Wonderful wristlets in Teal and Navy, which i will post in the shop tomorrow - they are really really cute.....lots of stitching and buttons!!!
Bye for now
Little jj

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