Monday, May 3, 2010

Finally posted

Ok so i finally posted some Milly Jones in the shop - silly me always has to wait until everything is just ummmmm perfect - i think its called A....... retentive??? Anyways i finally got the kraft boxes that i ordered so that i could ship and display Milly and she would still look beautiful in the end.......i didn't want her to get to her new owner like a beat up bit ..of well....... threads!!!
So i took some pretty cool photos of the packaging - i'm using old patterns for tissue, cool hey!!

I'm really getting into this packaging stuff too. I have now turned the downstairs empty space into my shipping and packaging area, which is great to be and feel supa organised instead of covering the kitchen table or my cutting table with bits of ribbons, paper and tape and then some more tape after i have attached everything to that bit of tape instead of the paper!!!!
Anyways have a look see in the shop and i'll be adding some hats tomorrow!!!!
bye for now
Little jj

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