Friday, May 7, 2010

whilst the muffins are a bakin'

While i'm waiting for my muffins to cook - that leaves me under 20 mins to post my updates!!!
Just finished up the latest Waste Wonderful wristlets today in ' Too cute Tealy denim'

one with a gorgeous lil purple button

One with a bubble gum button

squares and rectangles

perfectly patched

The flipside is made from the hem of my of course....overly long cargo pants

And i have changed the insides a bit now, as i just got my new labels in and they work perfectly in the lining now!!! A big thanks to Phil from Zink Ink my eco silkscreener for increasing the seam allowance on my labels, so now i don't have to have the smell of bacon as i burn my lil fingers on my old fold n' press regime !!!!
Oh i have under 3 mins left!!!
So good news on the SHIPPING on these babies ::: I have changed my packaging, so now it is even cheaper to send them, like as in
Canada: $4
U.S : $5
International : $6
and if you buy them with something else, the shipping cost for all destinations will be $2, on top of whatever else you buy!!!
Opps there goes the timer!! My buckwheat banana muffins are ready to eat!!!
I'll be posting these on Monday as i am away for the weekend in Vancouver doing the 10 Km Sun Run!!!!! Lets hope my new sneakers make me run faster!!
Bye for now
little jj

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