Friday, May 21, 2010

'HAVE A GREAT DAY ! ' and thats all it said.

Well i had a week of complete bizarre-ness if thats a word!! I'm not going to complain, i'm just saying it was bizarre, as i fear the only way humans communicate these days is to complain and compare woes !!!

So it started the other day, when i went downstairs to my newly organised 'packing/shipping' room when i could hear the sound of water - yeppers the hot water tank had packed it in...and there was water everywhere (thank god my ex was a master builder of shelves and therefore nothing was directly on the floor!). So i call B my landlord and he comes over and we start to mission of cleaning up and emptying the oh so funky, straight from the 50's retro tank. Then i go upstairs to the bathroom and the tap is totally running - i try to turn it off and i ask it normal when you shut off the water that the taps run??? Lets just say he had an attack of the big eye!!!
Apparently its not normal - so at the exact same time the tank busted so did the bathroom tap!!

positive take on the situation::: as a renter i didn't have to pay for it, and conveniently got both things fixed at the same time!

Later in the week, i had to get a GroWth taken out of my leg as......i don't think it was healthy and more importantly, bikini season is fast approaching and having your twin sista growing out of your leg is not so hot...giggle!!!. So off to the Dr's i go, and i love going to see my Dr, as everytime i see him, we go thru the same routine. He sits there, relaxed back into his big leather chair just staring at me. Then in his South African accent he repeats my name about 3 times.........and then....................wait for it - he says " Jemima, with a name like that you are destined to be famous "...................and i go from being sick/concerned to on top of the world in under 2 minutes!!!
But on this particular day - he was unusually flustered and stressed - he couldn't find anything, gauze pads and papers were flying everywhere, and he his eyes were darting back and forth, and his tummy was screaming out with hunger pains!!!
It was not looking good.
So as i was lying there in my underpants, i was debating whether i should just stay and have the map of Australia carved into my leg, as fast as i could half naked thru a busy waiting room, yelling " you know what, i'm just going to come back next week"
But before i new it, he had jammed the needle in, telling me at the same time it was going to hurt!!! Across came the scalpel.........and i screamed "wait a minute don't you have to wait for a minute for it to work!!" In dove the knife, he worked fast but his movements had me thinking that yes, he was infact cutting out the map of Australia!!! I was done in no time, stitched up, pants on and out the door

positive take on the situation::: it turned out to be a slit 1/2 cm long and the growth was apparently not a malformed twin sista!!

So i walk home from the Dr's feeling so relieved that i had pulled thru this major operation, and there was a letter waiting for me!!! Unusual handwriting, so i open it............................ and i was my pay cheque that i had lost in Vancouver!! I went to the big smoke to do the Sun Run with 50ooo people 2 weeks ago, lost my cheque and someone had picked it up and posted it to me - and all it said was :::

'i believe this belongs to you - HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!'

So all in all, a week of very bizarre happenings, ending on a random act of kindness from a complete stranger ::: yes thats right, there is hope in this world!!!
bye for now
little jj

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