Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The calm.... after the Storm

Well when i have a lot on my plate...thats usually when Olivia (my new sewing machine) and i have a bit of a scrap!!! I go from loving her and my dream a 10 year old having a tantrum...yes there is some pulling and some leg kicking on ground - and some threats of...'I'll never use you again...YOU HEAR THAT OLIVIA!!!'
Thanks goodness i work bymyself::: giggle.
Anyways i finished these lil vegan (no fabrics used were derived from an animal and no yukky gluey stuff was used.....totally re-inforced with a heavy upcycled Canvas) beauties up today on my trusty old machine, who loves to do her job at a steady pace and with no fuss!!!

I snipped up Dolores's old floral dress, added some heavy stone grey canvas - and found the coolest apple n' white gingham linen to match the kitschy combo!! And the teal bias binding that was lovingly handstitched on was made by moi of course, out of some upcycled linens!!!

This one has a denim strap and base...which i think makes it a bit more playful!
And this one has a brushed black denim....making it perfect for an unserious grown up::: giggle!! And just to let everybodies know.....Sparky Jones only uses UPCYCLED FABRICS unless otherwise noted!!!
Yes, i loverly young las emailed me the other day to tell me i was advertising my products falsely and that i could have my etsy shop banned for misleading information..........
Conclusion to that story::: I'm sure the wrath of Sparky Jones was felt!!!
Which reminds me...i should write about the name 'Sparky Jones' one of these days!!!

Bye bye for now
Little jj

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