Saturday, January 8, 2011

what happened to JJ??

Okay so i haven't written anything for ages!!!! I woke up the other day and said to myself.....'what has happened to you JJ? - you are all business and no fun anymore!!!' I seemed to have put on my 'serious pants' of late and enough is enough i say!!!!
So here i am, back in the land of the fun.....and i'm kinda taking the day off (even tho i'm writing this!)
So, i want you to meet Olivia....she is my new workhorse (well i have had her for 2 months now).....but i totally love her...she is supa speedy, my 4wd (she can truck thru anything!) and really easy to use - we are still getting to know each other, but all in all - we are pretty good friends!!

ALTHOUGH - what do you think should happen when i have a million orders???? Thats right, she freaked out, i freaked out - and i couldn't for the life of me, figure out what was wrong or what i was doing wrong.....all i knew was she wasn't working!!! So i call my buds at the local sewing shop. Its times like this i really LOVE, love love small town living!! Wes has saved me, calmed me down and fixed up crisis after crisis - and usually for free!! (Actually he put me in touch with the guy who sold me Olivia too!). So we had a debrief of my dilema on the phone - he totally talked me thru it.....................and what do you know...i did what he said...and we were back in business!!! He might have even found me a studio to move into aswell!!!! (its nearly time to move out of my cozy lil room )
So i could finish off my 'luscious plum' Kinn Jones hats

and finish off some more hats!!!
So starting on monday, me -little jj ...... is going to put on her silly pants before going to work !!! I've also figured out how to always have cute lil hats stocked in my shop....and some of my other products too!!! yeah i know weird - like who isn't sick of looking at those headbands.....i know i am::: giggle!! (i've been finding it pretty hard to get restocked of late...guess i have been TOO BUSY which is also a fantabulous thing!!! )
bye bye for now
little jj


  1. Being busy is a good way to make a stack of cash and I think you just might be headed in that direction. Good shots of your work by the way. If you don't know this blog ( have a look sometime when you have moment. Would be great to see one of his subjects wearing some Sparky Jones.

  2. I am new ot your blog and I am discovering that it is great fun reading your posts and admiring your adorable creations. When I have problems with my sewing machine, especially when I am in the middle of a project, I feel the same way. Without machine I would feel very much lost. Glad that your machine is fixed now.