Monday, January 10, 2011

Day One

Today is 'Day One' of having fun!!!!(must try and remember this!-i already forgot this morning:::giggle!)
I kinda gave myself this weekend off.....which was great, i didn't do much, just slept and ate and ate some more and tried not to feel guilty about doin' nothin'!!(that was the hardest part!)
So today i am all pumped and ready to go.
I just added 3 of these 'Kinda Sprucey' Kinn Jones hats to the shop. I based them on the 'Sequoia Greens' since everyone just love love loved those....but decided to use another tree instead!!!
Dusty olive, teals and greens are kinda Sprucey......MMmmmm, i think these could be some of my favourite colours i have to say...i always try for new colour combos.....but by the time i have gone thru my pile of always in the olive, teal n' greens range!!!

So whats great about Sparky's MADE TO ORDER hats, is you get to chose what button you would like. On each listing , the last photo... is a photo of the flap and button for that particular hat!!!!
it will appear like this!

And some more exciting news is .....last night i went to pick up one of my bestest friends from the airport (she just came back from Mexico and is......quite BROWN and refreshed looking!!!!-which reminds me i need to make some 'holiday' plans of my own!) Anyways i was a little bit early so i took a quick trip to Value Village......and found some cool new fabrics....and some pants that will make some cute lil 'HUNTER' Kepp Jones hats...that peeps just wanted more of!!!
Opps better get sewin'
bye bye for now
little jj

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