Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ode to the Morning Coffee

So it just totally hit me!!!! Why not have a bit of a Sparky collection that has been totally inspired by CAFFEINE (one of my favouritest things in life!!! )

Check out the description of the latest Kepp Jones hats that have been stiffened with a heavy upcycled canvas:::
Coco was a classy broad!! Always in pencil skirts, heels and sipping coffee. Luckily she had to make way for new skirts!!!! This sophisicated chocolate n' black herringbone Upcycled number has chocolate upcycled cotton trimmings with a crema inspired button. The lining is a chocolate, rust and caramel upcycled quality cotton - all in all the bestest fabrics ever for a highly caffeinated Kepp Jones!!!

Also on the coffee trail....are these 3'morning coffee' Waste Wonderful purses.....
I'm a total fan of rumaging through the old grandmas laces and ribbons in the thrift shops, and i have a whole draw of these vintage goodies that i just can't bare to use.......UNTIL NOW!!!(i simply must start using what i have - as a way to make room for more right??)
All i could think of when i made these lil cuties was; lattes, mochas and espresso!!!
Have a look at the other ones here:

And i have finally got around to making some Betsy Jones earrings to match all the latest and greatest Sparky Jones Accessories!! (And yes everything i make now, there WILL BE earrings stocked in the shop!!!)
I was thinking of fantabulous ways to photograph these lil guys....and then, i remembered the coolest thing ever!!! When my mama came over to visit, she had brought along a couple of things of my Grans that she thought i might love....of course they had everything to do with SEWING!!!! So the story about this funny looking doll, is that when my Mum and my Aunt were supa little - they saved up all their money for ages, to buy this for my Gran(my gran was a sewer/knitter and the like and apparently my Gramps never wore any bought socks in his life - she knitted them all and darned them!) So this doll has a tape measure, pin holder(in the thimble) and you keep your needles safe on her apron!!!
I just love her and apparently so did my Gran.

So here are some other shots of the matching Betsy Jones earrings. I thought they might make a great present for peeps too - like a Waste Wonderful and some matching earrings - and your present shopping is done!! Actually one thing that is really important to i like to wrap all SpaRky Accessories like presents! That way, even if you bought it for yourself....its like you get a fantabulous present that you are just going to love::: giggle!!!

Anyways best be off.....gots to cut out some Milly Headbands tonight and start making some scrumptious dinner!! ( i'm planning a hot date dinner night...and i think its going to be simply delicious ::: i'm sure he'll be in love with me now!!!)
bye for now
little jj

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