Wednesday, March 30, 2011

amidst the chaos

Well holy diner is moving ever the biggest chore....packing, cleaning, sorting, cleaning, some more cleaning, a lot of lifting and finally cleaning. Only to do it all again when you reach your new destination!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... talk about a full body and mental (aka sanity pushing) workout!!

Although it really makes you realize how much 'STUFF' you have...and i mean stuff!!! And being crafty by nature....i can never throw things out.....coz i could use it to make something really fantabulous one day......and do I????? MMMMmmmmm - well .......

So i am making a vow today.....not to keep all those tiny bits and pieces that add to my clutter!!!(cluttered lifestyle leads to a cluttered brain i think!!)

And this is my once cute retro kitchen....turned into a demolition zone

And my new headquarters (i think thats what i'm going to call it....sounds a bit more exciting and extremo than sweatshop!!)

Yeppers i've picked out my colours...but as soon as you go to buy the paint...thats when you doubt your choices!!! Maybe its too bold, maybe its going to look different in the i really love it??? Oh to have 500 shades of the same colour and only one room!!!

Anyways thats what i'm up to0 ...and hoping to have some new goodies in the shop by the 4th!!!

bye bye for now Miss Muscle, totally ripped Little jj

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